Opening in PM Space: Griffin

After the total bust that was last night's NYLON party at the Thompson LES - where one solitary dude worked a door mobbed with people then declared the party closed at 9:45 - Nomes and I headed to a nearby swanky cocktail lounge.

Lo and behold, what should we discover from a source there but that a new club Griffin is opening in the old PM space in late April. It will have an "antiquey" theme with fancy, expensive cocktails - $18 for a regular drink, $26 for a "specialty cocktail" (because the $18 cocktails aren't special enough?). If the bartender training at Little Branch is any indication, Sasha Petraske seems to be consulting on the cocktail menu.

The PM space is a great one, but the question remains - will the same dude who usually orders five Ketel One and sodas instead opt for for two gin rickeys, two Moscow mules, and something made with egg whites for $18-$26 a drink when the crowd is three deep at the bar? Let's hope not.