Fashion Week FS08: Marc Jacobs

Finally, the last installment of fashion week: the Marc Jacobs show. Sorry for the delay!

As always, there was excellent people watching to be had at the MJ show. These photos were hard to whittle down.

Gretchen Mol channeled true Hollywood glamour in a white coat.
Hamish Bowles, always ahead of the curve, mixed plaids a week before everyone saw the same trend at the D&G show.
Ellen Pompeo looked gorgeous in the deshabille MJ look for spring.
Richie Rich in black nail polish and rhinestone-encrusted owl thingy.
Luxe velvety layering in a Bloomsbury look.
Rachel Zoe is shocked to learn that the show started without her. Funny, they waited for Anna Wintour.
This girl (Interview Mag? Not sure.) is always On Trend. Black funky glasses, shiny tights, and leopard shoes.
It takes panache to pull off mauve. Somehow this looks really good, especially paired with pea green.
Lynn Yaeger: but of course Bloomsbury is in!
Anna Wintour and her equally elusive husband J. Shelby Bryan.
This dress has a machine gun print! Love.
Neon florals plus biker jacket. A good bet for spring in New York.
Bill Cunningham was beside himself when he spotted these two girls with silk flowers in their hair. Turns out they work for Marc Jacobs.
I had no idea that Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko was a fan of Sonic Youth. Kidding, people. Still, I like that this hairdo has staying power.
Nice biker jacket and beautiful hair.
MIA. I'm not sure I like what she's wearing, but here's her picture anyway.
Another flowy dress that hit below the knee - a trend for fall. Nicely mixed with the fur scarf and belt.
They say dark red lips are in for spring, but doesn't candy apple red feel spring-ier? Also note her clutch and the diamond band on middle finger, seen several times during fashion week. Her friend rocks the chunky cocktail ring, still going strong.
A MJ rhinestone dress that Selma Blair also wore.
Proof that a guy can have long hair and a beard and still look polished and sophisticated.


Fashion Week FS08: Project Runway

The Project Runway show was tons of fun. The glamour! The suspense! The novelty of watching a fashion show with people who are still enthusiastic about fashion!

Thoughts on the show itself, which had five finalists and is up on NY Mag.

Sweet P - lots of purple, cute tailored suits, and the kind of dreamy music you'd associate with Sweet P.

Chris - lots of drama, but what's up with the crushed velvet? The 90's aren't back yet.

Jillian - definitely the most commercial collection. You could just imagine this in the windows at Barneys. Beautifully cut, lots of sweaters and cigarette pants to balance out metallic evening wear. References to Balenciaga, Michael Kors, and of course, Ralph Lauren. Upbeat, fun music that made it feel like a professional show.

Rami - I just don't like his style, especially in teal. No one clapped for this outfit. It screams Russian mafia bride to me. Lugubrious music.

Christian - brilliant as usual, if totally impractical. His label should be called "Dry Clean Only." Copious amounts of ruffles, which he did in a horizonal ombre in one stunning belted cocktail dress. References to Prada and Alexander McQueen. A soundtrack like something Kelly would write. Let me borrow that top!

And here's who came to the show.

Love the kohl eyes and platinum hair on the left. Fur jacket paired with PVC leggings a la Kate Moss. Toggle coat on the right.
This is actually a short sleeved black and white coat paired with long gray wool gloves. Skirt with zipper detail - how apropos.
Great accessories and hair.
A pop of spring color.
Pinstriped suit with motorcycle gloves. The red was what stood out.
Really digging this mix of drab greens with bright reds and pinks.
Basic but not boring.
Great colors mixed with neutrals.
Feathered fedora and a sparkly top. Beautiful makeup.
Full highwaisted skirt in cute black and white plaid. We'll forgive her the Coach bag. These are fashion newbies!


Fashion Week FS08: Milly and Michael Kors

Hoardes of fashionable people converged upon the Bryant Park Tents for the Milly and Michael Kors shows.

André Leon Talley, leaving the Michael Kors show. Of course he can pull off a flowing fur scarf.
Beth Ostrosky with big purple bag.
Melania and the Donald leaving Michael Kors.
Blue tights and accessories.
Sweaters and blazers - seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs and already working its way into wear.
An interesting color combination of mustard and electric blue. And don't forget the cute pompom hat.
Very Hedi Slimane.
Long on cardigans for men. Expect to see more and more of them.
A nice mix of textures - silk dress plus suede jacket plus leather belt and rocking boots.
A variety of neutrals adds up to a polished, sophisticated look.
The Michael Kors aesthetic.
This guy is always very dapper - and very tan.
Love this mix of the cherry red lips with the moss green shawl. And check out the seals on her coat. Very boarding school.
Jamee Gregory et al leaving Michael Kors.
Electric blue shoes and a high-waisted coat. She is wearing nude pantyhose, but because they are so, so sheer, they actually look good.
Purple sunglasses.
Combining a black-and-white Milly dress with a brown cardigan and black belt.
Kate Lanphear, Senior Fashion Editor at Elle, sticks to her black-on-black guns as the rest of the fashion world goes color. Why mess with your signature look?
A beautiful pattern.
Hint of spring. Floral dresses like this one will be everywhere.
Another floral dress, paired with a sweater to winterize it.
Hey bitches! It's William Sledd of Ask a Gay Man! Love him! Spotted here with man bag.
Neiman Marcus' Ken Downing has been wearing impeccable suits all week.