Fashion Week FS09: Adam

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that can be either wonderfully charming or horribly tacky, so it seemed very apropos that it fell during Fashion Week. The ADAM/Adam Lippes show fit into the former category. Upbeat music set the background for a sassy collection with lust-worthy jackets and coats. 

Here's what they wore to the show. 

This look wins for "best of the bow ties," which have been particularly popular with men this season. The big, silky floppy style is more daring--especially for day--than a traditional bow tie. Beautifully paired with a dove gray velvet blazer. 

Big drapey scarves and layers signal a different kind of luxury/coddling oneself, moving away from the It Bags that were the luxury item of previous seasons. Still, we can't totally abandon our bags, as this woman shows below. They're just downsized.

Fetishistic boots are still going strong--like these embellished with gold studs. 

Just when you think you'll kill the next person wearing a fedora, someone comes along with such a cute look. She wears it jauntily. And the YSL canvas tote will probably get a lot of use.

A man in red Valentine's mode. This old-timey look of newsboy caps, blazers, vests, and pocket squares is the new Fashion Week uniform for men.

Kate Lanphear of Elle, always looking impeccably cool. Black Wayfarers are also de rigueur with the fashion set: The stark yet classic feel really resonates now. 

This mash-up of patterns and colors creates a modern ragamuffin look that's quite charming, especially paired with retro sunglasses.