Fashion Week SS09: Marc by Marc Jacobs

There were lots of playful daytime looks among the ranks of people attending the Marc by Marc Jacobs show.

Black and white cape and a modified cloche hat.

Her colorful necklaces were echoed by similar looks on the runway.

She wears black wayfarer-type sunglasses and a shorts suit; he wears a collegiate blazer with crest of arms.
White cotton dress for fall and a cardigan with skull detail.

Velvet bow tie.
A beautifully sophisticated look--black satin for day.

Joe Zee in a suit, Kate Lanphear in gray high-waisted trousers.

Purple is popping up everywhere now, but stick to a deep, royal purple like this one or you'll look like a purple people eater.

An elegant suit gets a little edge from sexy sandals.

Black and white.
Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus in a skinny tie. Let's assume he had nothing to do with that Dallas Cowboys "wow gift" in the Christmas Book.

These super skinny jeans are in, but they must be paired with booties or heels, not the flats of years past.

Fuchsia houndstooth dress.
Male models leaving the show.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is another show to watch for very practical purposes--to see what we'll all be wearing next spring. Here Jacobs took the mismatchy looks of the designer collection and translated them into pale neutral stripes, plaids, and tribal prints for his contemporary line. The hook? There's always a little mischief in a Marc by Marc Jacobs line. In this case it was the ultra short swingy dresses and fanny packs as accessories.

Men's mismatching in gray.
Pale ecru colors offset with strands and strands of Caribbean-esque necklaces.

Full, high-waisted, belted shorts were a theme of the collection.

Note the washed-out denim, which should be everywhere come spring. Lace-up flat booties add a pop of color.

He takes a utility-belt approach to the fanny pack, actually making it look cool. You can attach several colorful purses to this one wide studded belt.

A cute one-shoulder jumpsuit that flirts with the idea of androgyny. Note the layered belts and accessories that characterized this collection.

Beautiful metallic trench for day.

Men's looks included a lot of rumpled trenches and roomy colorful pants like these.

View the whole collection on NYMag.com.