Fashion Week SS09: Oscar de la Renta

A designer who dresses everyone from first ladies to megawatt stars, Oscar de la Renta draws a who's-who list from fashion, New York society, and Hollywood to his shows on Park Avenue. The expensive suit that landed Cindy McCain in so much hot water with the press was Oscar de la Renta.

Anna Wintour in a beautiful white coat. Underneath she cinched her silk dress with a leather belt.
Funky glasses.
Here's what black lipstick looks like off the runway--rather odd. If you took off the headscarf, this might be a good look. The gray dress on her friend is quite chic.
Conservative chic.
Black and white with a purple handbag.
Carolina Herrera in a white suit.
Sarah Rutson in slouchy harem pants and lots of necklaces.
Jamee Gregory proves that conservative does not have to equal boring. Love the Roger Vivier shoes.
Linda Wells looking very young and sophisticated in a LBD.
Winter florals in purple.
Meredith Melling Burke in a gorgeous black floral dress.
Virginia Smith, also of Vogue, accessorizing with an Obama pin on her handbag.
Rachel Zoe and sidekick. She actually looked really good in real life--perfectly put together. Now if only we didn't know what was going on in that head of hers.
Fashion has changed with the climate--there were many more white cotton dresses in September. Call it winter white right now.
Nina Garcia obviously knows how to pick out a dress, but sometimes we think she needs a stylist. Looking at this photo, don't you want to put her hair up? Unless you emphasize a long neck, puffy sleeves can create the football player effect.
There was a rumor about Jennifer Lopez that she uses Creme de la Mer as body moisturizer. Seen up close, her skin gives some credence that rumor--gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

That's not Carolina Herrera, that's Lee Radziwill younger sister of the late Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Love the photos keep'em coming!