Bright Spring Bags at Piperlime

Refinery 29 has a good post today on bright spring bags--which reminded us, there are a lot of bright bags for $200 or less on Piperlime, a site that we've heretofore ignored but that seems to be getting better by the minute, mixing new brands with the tried-and-true. And it's almost always reasonably priced.

Check out this delicious Hayden Harnett Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote ($200) in saturated purple.

And this cheerful yellow "Emily Shopper" by Francesco Biasia ($198).

Convertible bags are all the rage now, and this Nine West Justine Medium Flap bag is only $89. Why? It's not made of leather, but it sure is hard to tell the difference.

It seems like designers are reinterpreting "flash," taking it from flashy logos and translating it into a flash of color instead. Note that all these bags make a statement with their shape and color - not their name brands. Bravo.