Robertson Boulevard

Robertson Boulevard is one of the few places in LA where you are guaranteed to see people walking down the street. Call it the Kitson-Ivy circuit.

Outside the Ivy.
Men are wearing jeans that look like women's, jeans that emphasize the waist and hips.
Vests on women...
...and men. Steven Alan was long on vests this past spring, while I shorted them. Guess who was right? Not surprisingly, the fashion designer.

Newsboy caps still signal fall.
In LA adults are dressing like kids and vice versa. It wasn't until this guy walked by that I realized he was about 13, out with his mom and his sister. Tween girls are also wearing designer clothes and carrying designer bags. The only barrier between childhood and adulthood now seems to be clothing size.

A chic salesgirl at Olive & Bette's. I like her pirate-y headband and patent booties.