Paris Shops II

The Marais is known for its boutiques stocked with indie-designer clothes, which, while they are not exactly cheap, are a lot less expensive than what you'll find on Rue Saint-Honoré.

The Swedish proprietress of Plagg opened her shop to showcase Scandinavian designers.
plastic and mirror jewelry by Mori
There were many offerings in midnight blue...
...like this simple but chic eel skin clutch by Copenhagen label Becksöndergaard for 150€.

41, rue Charlot
Paris, France

Just your average fabulous cheese shop in Paris...
For a listing of fromageries in various arrondissements, check here.

39, rue de Bretagne
Paris, France

Erik Linz was a designer for the Hong Kong branch of Céline before he opened his own shop in the Marais in late 2006.
As you can see from Miss Thing, who models an Erik Linz blazer below, the clothes are beautifully cut. The tailoring of his jackets, overcoats, skirts, and pants in muted colors is as flattering as a designer line at three times the price. He also designs jewelry, like the statement-piece necklace on the table above.
In general Parisians seems less obsessed with brand names than we New Yorkers and more focused on having beautifully cut clothes in versatile colors.

Erik Linz
21, rue de Saintonge
Paris, France

the moody windows of Lemaire
The lobby of Hotel du Petit Moulin, an excellent place to stay in the Marais.
Sale mania at Shine. This boutique reminded us the most of New York, with brands that you'd find at Intermix (aka Interbitch). We scored some Marc Jacobs platform sandals at half off. (OK, so I guess some of us are still obsessed with brand names.)

15, rue de Poitou
Paris, France


Haut Marais said...

A great review on some of the Haut Marais boutiques !

And true : French are less brand-focused than our American counterparts ... well, at least shoppers in the Haut Marais area are looking for a different shopping experience !

May I use some of your photos on my blog (and link back to you ?)

Haut Marais