Rue Saint-Honoré

That's right, kiddies: We're not in Manhattan anymore. Welcome to Paris.

The weather is unseasonably cold, but the French remain unruffled. On the Rue Saint-Honoré in the 1er arrondissement, the women wear trench coats with belts artfully tied. The mysterious French artful-tying gene, first noted with the advent of Hermes scarves, has yet to be pinpointed. In men this translates into an ability to toss a scarf over one's shoulder just so. The look is very debonair, and as for the men of New York, well... let's hope you're watching.

love the shoes
tuxedo shirt
French men put more effort into their hair. (If you have it, flaunt it.) A random poll of women says: John Edwards was onto something.

colorful scarves

the mixing of unrelated patterns

All-black is always correct.
three generations of window shoppers

two young girls
snakeskin trenchcoat - YSL?
trenchcoats abound

Believe it or not, this trench is from Zara.


Caroline said...

That little girl has such a grown-up purse!

joy said...

Are you coming back with a Goyard? I think the price is still lower even with the exchange rate.

Marie Fromage said...

Thank you for displaying the well-groomed hot French men at the top of the story. Merci!