The fabled Uniqlo has at last arrived. One of the biggest retailers in Japan, Uniqlo is basically Gap infused with Japanese panache. In the brand's cavernous global flagship store, I counted fourteen colors of the women's cashmere sweaters, lightweight with a price point to match. These come as crewnecks, v-necks, and turtlenecks, while other mixed-blend sweaters come in trendier styles - sweater dresses, belted sweaters, or open-knit tops.

Upstairs and downstairs you'll find lots of puffy winter jackets. The kids' selection is not so great, but the men's store is fantastic, especially if you're looking for gifts. It would be hard to go wrong here - there are tons of sweaters Dad would like, but also funkier zip-up fleece styles even a teenager wouldn't sneer at.

546 Broadway between Prince and Spring Streets