All That for an Ice Cream Cone Top-Shop

I finally left TopShop at 4:32, 5 1/2 hours after I arrived to photograph the crowd (11am-12:20pm), wait in line (12:20pm - 2:30pm), shop (2:30pm-3pm), wait in the dressing room line (3pm-3:50pm), and finally try on clothes and check out (3:50pm-4:30pm). Note that the total time spent shopping was only 1/2 hour. All that for an ice cream cone top, three other items and the freebies: an "Everybody Loves TopShop" tote and a Union Jack tee.

TopShoooooop! Arghghghgh.

If I had to do it again, I would just buy clothes in my size (TopShop's run small - buy a size up from your regular American size), try them on at home, and return the rejects. You have up to a month to return your purchases, and unlike Forevs 21, TopShop actually gives you your money back, not store credit.

So here's the ice cream scoop top, one of four items bought. Kinda Sonia Rykiel-ish, but only $65. Was it all worth it? I don't know. But I did notice the ice cream cone top was sold out by the time I left, and it's not available online.

nah nah.....


Bee said...

i'm living in London and Topshop is all over the place here. never been a fan of it, the brand is too commercial! here if you wear a top from Topshop, you likely to see a few wear it too, or at least your friends will ask "is it from Topshop?" haiz.

thanks for the post though! :)