Times Square and Environs

Despite the presence of the Conde Nast building, which no one ever seems to enter or leave, Times Square is pretty much a fashion wasteland. If you want to see what was "in" two or three years ago, go here.

Still, a few people managed to stand out in the crowd here and on the slightly more stylish Sixth Avenue.

oversize hoodie jacket
orange and camouflage
Everything about her outfit works: the slouchy purple coat mixed with a brown bag, the boots, the tights with a little shimmer in them, the funky necklace, and the Pat Benatar haircut.
Fur hoodie jackets haven't gone away, they've just gotten bigger.
Conservative plaid scarf in nonconservative colors.
This look was punk in a Rent kind of way. Taking a homeboy trend of the printed sweatshirts and spinning it to mean wearable art.
White belted coat.
Plaid coats are everywhere - they look particularly interesting in boxy or bubble cuts.
Very daring. A nice hi-lo mix of the trapper hat with the fur jacket and Vuitton bag.
Toggle coats are everywhere on guys, particularly worn this way with the flipped collar and scarf.
I keep coming back to this coat, because it's so ugly it's mesmerizing. Jolie laide. She wears the hood like you'd sunglasses, as a way of hiding when you're walking down the street.