Young Lions Dance Party

And now for something completely different: party pictures. The crowd at the New York Public Library's Young Lions benefit last night was not just young but glamorous. F. Scott Fitzgerald would have approved.

Red lips.
An elegant tux for a black tie event.
A preview of winter white.
There were lots of black sequined dresses on hand. Also note the resurgence of black pantyhose - hers with sparkle.
Red corduroy blazer and Belgian loafers, plus another little black dress.
One of the more fashion forward looks of the evening.
WASP culture.
Print and another sequined LBD.
It was nice to see this splash of color - and another white dress.


Jeanette said...

Donatella, you look gorgeous. Disappointed in the fashion in general, don't appreciate the loose look, not at all sexy. But then, you know I don't follow anyones' fashion but my own! Love your look, lips, girls pay a fortune for what you are fortunate to have naturally!!! Love and hugs, Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Sarah looks the most gorgeous!