Endless Summer on Astor Place

If, like most of us, you have no clue what to wear on an 85-degree October day, take to the streets for some ideas. Women are stubbornly breaking out their boots, even pairing them with sundresses. Men are still wearing lightweight cotton but in fall colors. It's as if the whole country's gone LA. Just no Uggs, please.

Never say never: High-waisted, wide-leg jeans are selling out in stores and appearing on the streets.
Boots, no matter what.
This is supposed to be a bootie season, but many are making do with the boots they already have and looking chic doing it.

Short shorts are still big.
Office attire for mysterious weather.
A perfect "uniform" for this season: white blouse, pencil skirt, and stilettos.

Leopard prints.

Office attire for professorial types.

Once the hairstyle of punk rockers then white supremacists, the mohawk has been co-opted by the gay community as a counter-cultural symbol. A cool way of turning the expected on its head.
Didn't take long for the Marc Jacobs déshabillé look to turn up on the streets.

Purple, and lots of it.
Just plain spiky hair harks back to Joan Jett.
These are not boots but sheer kneesocks and platform shoes.
Cross-chest carry.