Ack! More Fashion

We ran into a friend in Nantucket - let's call him Ping Pong - who begged to be included in Gastro Chic. He pointed out that he was wearing espadrilles a friend had brought him back from Morocco. After much scoffing, we took several joke photos of him.

Turns out Ping Pong was right: Espadrilles do seem to be a burgeoning trend for men. They were also Max Snow's footwear of choice in this photo from US Weekly.

Presumably Max can afford to buy anything he wants on his shopping jaunts with Mary-Kate, but he chose espadrilles. And here they are again in Nantucket:

Mary-Kate may also be an influence.

Counter to the preppy culture is a Rasta-ish hippie vibe that has been going strong now on the island for a while now. Bob Marley himself stayed in 'Sconset while on tour in the 70's.

But most folks are just plain preppy.

Head-to-toe color.
The coveted basket purse. OK, lady, not that coveted.

Bagel? Check. Cigarette? Check? I heart NY shirt? Check. New Yorkers on Nantucket? Check. Now if only there were a decent bagel shop in town.

Walking to the ferry.


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