Paris Culture

A note on some of the cultural differences between Paris and New York.

In a local cafe. One reason why there are fewer DOH closures in Paris.

A student's backpack says "LOVE AND PEACE OR ELSE." The spirit of Robespierre lives on!

A lot of chicks ride motorbikes in Paris and look hot doing it. I didn't think that was unusual, but one American guy I know did, so here's proof for ya.

There are vending machines on the subway platforms. Why don't we have that?

Why French women don't get fat: this stand full of gorgeous fruit is located in the depths of a subway station.

You know you're in Paris when you can buy canned coq au vin, boeuf Bourguignon, and tripe. Mmmmm... canned tripe...

Ice cream comes in floral flavors like rose and violet.

What they mean in France when they invite you over for a barbecue.

Breakfast in Paris.

Pastry in Paris.

And the saddest wake-up call of all: pastry at the Starbucks in the Newark airport on the return trip home.


Craig said...

Was poking around the internet while thinking about/missing Paris and found my way to your blog. Quite a fun read. One thing about this entry that struck me was the reference to the Starbucks at Newark airport. The baristas working there have to be among the surliest people I've ever encountered anywhere! Shocking to this polite Canadian, ha ha.