The Spa at Bellevue

Ever feel like your regular rub down just isn't cutting it? A sixty-minute massage can be bliss - until you step out of the spa and back into the reality of endless work meetings and jam-packed 6 trains. Suddenly all the weight of the world - and the stress - is back on your shoulders.

Enter the Spa at Bellevue. Taking the trend of combining the medical sciences with the latest beauty treatments to the next level, this venerable, 271-year-old facility has quietly opened another branch to complement its world-renowned psychiatric department: a full-service spa. Styled after beautiful thermal baths in Russia, the sort that Anna Karenina may have visited after a particularly trying social season, the spa occupies a double-height back hall of the hospital with its own private entrance. The beautiful, old-world space has been converted into several interlocking pool areas.

A number of services are on offer. Sign up for a massage with one of Bellevue's licensed talk-and-massage therapists. Using a combination of Shiatsu and Jungian treatments, these talented technicians dig deep to get to the root of your stress. The Spa at Bellevue utilizes the latest research to give you the best results: their most popular facial is a scrub that's a mix of crushed minerals like mica, zinc oxide, and lithium.

So the next time you want to say, "Calgon, take me away!" remember that this wasn't just an old advertising slogan but a bona fide cry for help. When you need to seriously chill out, it's time to get serious about your spa.

The Spa at Bellevue
462 First Avenue at 27th Street


Douglas Cress said...

not too shabby