Ammo and the Rose Cafe


Situated in an industrial part of Hollywood known for its camera stores, Ammo is a good go-to place for lunch or dinner. Mon ami, who is French-American and grew up in L.A., ran into one of his friends from the movie biz while we lunched. Chance encounters seemed to be the order of the day at this neighborhood eatery.

a film production store across the street
Bloomberg hasn't started displaying New York restaurants' grades from the health department - yet. Even still, would New Yorkers care? Even while Jamba Juice on University was closed by the health department, would-be customers were trying to order Jamba Juice.
The open, airy interior of Ammo turns into a jewel-box-like space at night when the candles are lit and the curtain by the door closed.
the brunch crowd
loads of fresh coffee in a Bodium French press
Poached eggs and a salad: an excellent hangover cure. The eggs supply the comfort, the crisp haricots verts, fennel, and teardrop tomatoes supply the vitamins - and the deliciousness.
Mon Ami had the eggs with chorizo. Yet again, the chorizo was spectacular. Very light, sweet, and mildly spicy.
A fruity side! These berries were tender, sweet, and practically falling apart they were so ripe.
a view of bamboo
dining al fresco

1155 N. Highland Avenue, between Santa Monica and Lexington

The Rose Cafe & Market

The Rose Cafe has been in Venice for as long as anyone can remember. A popular brunch spot, this see-and-be-seen restaurant actually serves good food.

This airplane-hangar like space is only half of the huge back porch.
an art-filled interior
the market
Yummy huevos rancheros. Again, the tortilla underneath was better than any I've had in New York.

Eggs with smoked salmon. Immediately after this picture was taken, Mon Ami ate the entire thing, so I cannot comment! Zut alors.

The Rose Cafe & Market
220 Rose Avenue at Main Street