Fab 208

Sixties mod. Metallics. Jersey and draping. They're all great looks, but haven't we seen them before?

Before you start kicking yourself for not raiding Mom's closet decades ago, head over to Fab 208 in the East Village. For 15 years now, they've been taking vintage pieces, cutting them up, and sewing them back together into modern silhouettes. No need to worry about a big bow/weird ruffle/matronly neckline ruining an otherwise cool vintage dress; Fab 208 does all the editing for you.

The prices are mercifully gentle. Most things go for under $100, and all the vintage pieces are one of a kind. There's also a plethora of fun accessories - vintage shoes, new patent leather belts, jewelry, and big bags in pleather that, unlike their leather counterparts, won't set you back $1500. Some trends they understood better the first time around.

Alan, the store's owner (and seamster?)

Fab 208
75 East 7th Street, between First and Second Avenues