Fashion Week FS07: Vera Wang

The Vera Wang show is almost a
Fashion Week prerequisite because a) it wasn't so long ago that she won CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year, and b) she still has a hold on the whole couture bridal thing. If you live in NYC and have engaged friends with a yen for fabulous dresses, or you are one yourself, you are most likely already familar with Vera Wang. The last time I was at her shop, a bride was getting the final fittings on a $60K custom-made Vera Wang gown. Yes folks, that's $60K for one dress the bride will wear once. Which translates to: Vera Wang will be around for the long haul.

Here's who came to the show.

Sadly, darlings, this is it for me for Fashion Week FS07.

    As for the fashion future, I am shorting:

  • leggings worn with high heels (never a good look to start with, even more horrible now)
  • leggings with flats...?
  • silver handbags, except for the most expensive and difficult to replicate (mainly because I fear a plague of street vendor imitations)
  • all black
  • leopard
  • flats (though summer will have its way with us in that regard)

    Long on:

  • pale gold bags (because they're harder to imitate)
  • silver shoes
  • leggings with ankle boots
  • hot pink
  • weird colors
  • bright white
  • platform wedges
  • drab
  • shiny black textural things

But right now I am feeling especially long on bikinis and poolside lounge chairs, and I have a pressing appointment in Marathon Key. Until next time...

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