Barneys, Inside and Out

Madison Avenue on a wet winter afternoon.

Chanel bag, above and below

in the windows

black and white

skirt with a center pleat

full-length Barbour coat

ankle boots

electric blue

fur coat and combat boots

military coat with brass buttons

thinking pink

Prada bags in "Celine Dion green"

Celine Dion photo from Just Jared

spring's little white dress by Sea New York

slate and navy blues on the co-op floor

metallics at Prada


joy (still looking for a tote) said...

I tried on that Chanel bag. It was HUGE--even the small size. Like dwarfing HUGE. Are those women amazons?

bellastraniera said...

No, they are dwarfs.

Just kidding! But the woman in the leopard coat was rather short.