Needle Off the Record Moment: Bar Room at the Modern

Three stars for the Bar Room at the Modern?!? Is the Times' Bruni on crack? I'm not dissing the food, but let's face it: the Bar Room at the Modern is a major sheila hangout. If you don't know what a sheila is, she's the kind of 20-something girl who orders Champagne by the glass, favors low-cut and/or backless tops, and generally travels in packs to "hot" places found on Citysearch.

Babbo got three stars, for chrissakes. When I see three stars, I think of the kind of place I can take my parents without worrying about them freaking out about service or loud music, a white-tablecloth place like Eleven Madison Park, for instance. But at the Bar Room at the Modern, you can barely walk through the bar area without some sheila spilling a cosmo on you. Maybe Bruni likes that sort of "conviviality," but Mom wouldn't.

Please, Bruni Digest! Hold your silence no more! Frank is crying out for your attention.

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