Luxury! Humor! Taste?

As my yoga instructor used to say in her resigned, melancholy way, "some of you may still be eating meat and [sigh] wearing leather shoes." If you have read anything on this site, you probably know by now that I am one of those people. But Barneys came up with something even a ravenous meat-eater like me couldn't dream up: using baby animals to advertise leather goods made of fellow animals - brilliant!

These bunnies are so cute, they make me want to rush to Barneys and buy a rabbit-fur-lined Juicy Couture jacket.

These boots are made of pony. I always wanted a pony!

Bunnies aren't the only models. In another issue, little puppies make leather bags look even more adorable.

Some of the puppies even look like foxes - another product Barneys sells!

+ =

Then I thought, wouldn't this campaign be even more effective if they used the animal associated with the product to advertise it? Sort of an "I'm OK, You're OK" approach. It could be an all-animal catalog!

That would be the most cutest catalog in the whole wide world!


kitten coat joy said...

I've always wanted a coat made of kitten, with real little kitty faces for the buttons. So cute!

This post just made me spit--hilarious. Does the catalog say anywhere that the rabbits are not included with purchase? I think I should go to Barney's and DEMAND a bunny with my Manolos.

bellastraniera said...

I thought of you when I wrote this one. Ever since the closing of the lamb/mutton/yarn/shearling rug booth at the Greenmarket - aka "everything but the baaa" - life hasn't been the same.