Fresh Direct's One-Click Recipes

Confession: I love Fresh Direct. Maybe their ever-present double-parked delivery trucks are annoying to some people, but the site itself is the culinary/internet dork's dream. Everything you could ever want to eat, and you don't even have to wrench yourself away from your computer to get it.

Now it gets even cooler and dorkier with their introduction of one-click recipes. Fresh Direct must have somehow managed to get the rights to recipes from everyone from Real Simple Magazine to Thomas Keller and combined them all here - with the ingredients already parceled out and ready to buy at the foot of each recipe page. Genius! Finally, someone in business development somewhere is actually doing their job.

There are hundreds of recipes that look to be good at first glance. I've made this Chicken Marbella recipe from the Silver Palate before, and no one complained.


Anonymous said...

I love Fresh Direct too! But there's something lacking when you can't pick your own fruit and veggies... Then again... I can be pretty lazy sometimes.

joy said...

dorky? No, sheer genius!

I used to dislike not being able to choose my own fruits and veggies--but then quickly learned I dislike hauling bags of groceries home and the sharp little elbows of Fairway shoppers even more.

Anonymous said...

That is very true... there's something- a lot, actually- to be said for not having to lug all of your own crap home. Especially when your "neighborhood grocery store" is actually a $5 cab ride away.