Fashion Week SS07: Doo.Ri

And...scene! That's it for fashion week. Wrapping it up was Doo Ri Chung, the Korean-born American designer, who won the Parson’s Designer of the Year award in 1995 and many accolades since. The beautiful collection she showed on Friday was a fitting way to end the week. Check it and others out on Style.com, of course.

Despite these Asian inroads into fashion, the Times reported Thursday that the editors of Vogue Nippon don't even get invited to some of the major shows. Can someone please give the publicists responsible a map? And perhaps a company earnings report...


Sarah said...

The colored tights /leopard shoes combo is back in!? I recently happened upon a photo from 7th grade of me wearing a similiar outfit... and I proceeded to yell at my mother for letting me out of the house in such things! I guess I owe her an apology now... And I thought warming up to skinny jeans again was an accomplishment - this one will take some time!